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Terrapins symbolises endurance, peace, longevity, protection and fertility, all traits necessary for family survival. In Africa, the terrapin performs an important role in the eco system, as it feeds off animal carcasses and parasitic ticks using its sharp beak to tear and rip.

Sibusiso Ndaba has modelled this terrapin huddle as seen in pools sunning themselves all one on top of each other on a hippo’s back. The sculpture reminds

us of Japanese “netsuke” ivory carvings.

Jabu Nene has painted the terrapins in dark tones, realistically portraying them to look just like a big rock but when one gets closer, the viewer is awed by Jabu’s fine brushwork and layering of intricate pattern. These two artists have truly created a special work for our ‘The Pride of Africa’ exhibition 2019.

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    • Sbusiso Mbatha
    • Sbusiso Mbatha

      Sbu Mbatha was born on the 23th of August 1995 in Swayimane, Pietermaritzburg. He attended Jabula High School, and after school came straight to Ardmore, where resident artist, Siyabonga Mbaso, encouraged him to join the Winter School programme in June 2016. Sbu learned many different things at the ... read more

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    • Jabu Nene
    • Jabu Nene

      Jabu Nene discovered her passion for art while at school. In 1991, when she was 15 years old, she was introduced to the colourful world of Ardmore Ceramic Art and its founder Fée Halsted. Her mentor was the renowned Ardmore painter, Punch Shabalala, who guided her ... read more

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