Sable Rider

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This regal Sable Rider was created by Bennet Zondo and painted by Roux Gala for our ‘Kingdom’ collection to celebrate the ancient kingdoms of Africa.

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    • Bennet Zondo
    • Bennet Zondo

      Bennet Zondo was born in Lesotho. When he was old enough, he decided to go to neighbouring South Africa to seek a better life for himself, finding work as a gardener in the Champagne Valley area of KwaZulu-Natal. In 2002 he took a clay model of ... read more

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    • Roux Gwala
    • Roux Gwala

      Roux Gwala was born on 5 May 1974 and grew up in the Champagne Valley of KwaZulu-Natal, where he attended Meadow Sweet High School, studying painting and graduating in 1999. After leaving school, Roux’s dream was to make a career with another of his artistic talents, ... read more

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