Impala Bowl

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This magnificent vessel was inspired by Fee Halsted’s memories and admiration for an impala fountain created by Herman Wald in 1960 in honor of Ernest Oppenheimer, commissioned by his son, Harry for the city of Johannesburg.


Nothing is more poetic, elegant and dramatic than a herd of impala jumping through the air in unison and the ‘Lion King’ play illustrates this sighting so well with puppets moving in bicycle motion.


Tebogo Ndlovu, who will be attending this year’s ‘The Pride of Africa’ exhibition, has demonstrated his masterly skill and talent and has given us an addition of the birth of a new lamb. A healthy herd means a healthy ecosystem as impala are the staple food to most wild cats, especially the leopard.

Siyabonga Mabaso has humbly limited his palette, allowing Tebogo’s sculpting talent to shine. He has contrasted the golden-brown impala against grey and black thornvelt, adding lightness to the heavily loaded rim of the vessel.

This is a true Ardmore Masterwork illustrating a perfect partnership between two super talented artists.

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    • Teboho Ndlovu
    • Teboho Ndlovu

      Teboho was born on the 19th of December 1989 in Lesotho. He grew up in the Mokhotlong district and attended school at Sekonyela High. He is married with two children. After his mother died, he left school to find work in KwaZulu-Natal and soon heard about ... read more

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    • Siyabonga Mabaso
    • Siyabonga Mabaso

      Siyabonga Mabaso was born in 1985 in the KZN Midlands town of Mooi River and completed his education in 2006. Having studied art while at school, he had an impressive portfolio of drawings and paintings when he met Fée Halsted, founder of Ardmore Ceramic Art. Fée ... read more

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