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Roux Gwala

Roux Gwala was born on 5 May 1974 and grew up in the Champagne Valley of KwaZulu-Natal, where he attended Meadow Sweet High School, studying painting and graduating in 1999.

After leaving school, Roux’s dream was to make a career with another of his artistic talents, singing, so he went to Johannesburg to try and sign a recording contract. When this did not materialise he returned to the Champagne Valley to rejoin his wife, Virginia Xaba, one of Ardmore’s top painters.

On his return he began to paint under Virginia’s mentorship and in 2005 he joined Ardmore to begin his formal painting career.

Roux paints with great attention to detail and design, working painstakingly and embellishing sculptures in an organic style. One of his best known pieces is the Monster AIDS Vase, sculptured by Sfiso Mvalse, which depicts how HIV/Aids has ravaged the rural community in KwaZulu-Natal, the area in South Africa hardest hit by the pandemic.

This work was exhibited at the Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki in 2011 as part of the ARS 11 exhibition. Roux’s Aids work also featured at the Istanbul and Korean Biennales in 2011 and at the Gerisch Museum in Hamburg Germany in 2013 and at the Reiner Sophia Museum Madrid Spain in 2014.

In 2014 Roux painted a jug featuring a kudu being mauled by a leopard. The work, which was sculpted by Victor Shablala, was selected for the Korean Biennale. Another of his pieces was selected for the Korean Biennale in 2011.

In 2014 Roux decided to become an independent, freelance artist but continues to contribute to Ardmore.



Korean Biennale (Merit award)



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Everard Read GalleryJohannesburg


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‘Clay: The Art of Earth & Fire’United States

Hallwyl MuseumSweden

NAADA (National Antiques & Decorative Arts) FaireJohannesburg

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International Ceramic ShowUnited States

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‘Endangered Animals’London

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Fabric and book launch: Ardmore, We Are Because of OthersCape Town

‘Grand Carnival’, fabric and book launch: Ardmore, We Are Because of OthersJohannesburg





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'Celebrating the Year of the Monkey'Charles Greig, Hyde Park, Johannesburg


'The Great Zambezi'Cellars-Hohenot, Cape Town

'Savuti Dance'Patrick Mavros, London

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