Relebohile Tjakata

Relebohile Was born in Lesotho Maseru on the 4th June 1993, she went to Hlalele High School where she matriculated in 2014. She applied to the National University of Lesotho and was accepted but sadly had no financial means to further her studies.

She moved to KZN in 2016 where she worked at Barneys chicken farm for a year. “I heard about Ardmore through Moshe Sello a top sculptor and was desperate to join in 2016 but I had to wait for the winter school in take in June 2017, I chose painting as my career as I love designing and have enjoyed marking my identity with Sotho blanket patterns that have now made me stand apart”.

“I would like to thank Ardmore because I am now financially independent, I can do or buy whatever I desire. Thank you, Fee”.

Fee enjoys Tjakatas sassy beauty and strength of character, she is a team player, bright and has truly found her self-worth and independence. “I so enjoy watching this young lady grow and admire her fresh Sotho designs”.


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