Nelly Ntshalinthshali

Nelly Ntshalinthshali, sister of Ardmore’s legendary Bonnie, was the last of seven children born into the talented Ntshalintshali family.

Her schooling at Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal, was limited to grade six, the maximum attainable at that school.

Bonnie inspired her to focus on painting and in 1996 she and her twin sister followed Bonnie to Ardmore.

While neither showed the natural aptitude of their famous sister, Nelly’s sheer determination and willingness to learn from Fée led to her success.

Nelly developed an uncomplicated style, to some extent modelled on Bonnie’s, but increasingly she found expression in her own robust spirit.

Nelly’s ceramics had a special charm in that none of the many animals and reptiles she painted were at all threatening: rather, they seemed to smile out from their silent world.

She also had the ability to blend colours beautifully. The result was that her work has always been in demand from collectors worldwide.

At the Christie’s exhibition and auction in London in 2004 the charming simplicity – and yet sophistication – of her work, drew instant attention.

Sadly Nelly passed away.




Christie’s AuctionLondon

City Arts CouncilEdinburgh, Scotland

'Men of Ardmore'Gallery on the Square, Johannesburg