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Jacob Khomare

Jacob Khomare was born on the 2nd of May, 1981 in Lesotho.

He started his education in 1990 at Mafeteng district, and finished his secondary schooling at Mount Royal High School.

Jacob says there wasn’t enough money at his home to support all of his five siblings. When his mum died in 2003, he decided to find employment. His dreams of furthering his education slipped by the way as financial needs took priority.

In 2005, he married and has been blessed with three children.

In 2010, Jacob came to Kwa-Zulu Natal. He worked for a short while at a timber company and ended up as a driver.

Jacob heard about Ardmore through Zinhle Nene, who has been painting at Ardmore for many years. Jacob said that he liked her work, and ‘prayed God bless me with making the part of Ardmore’s family’.

His polite demeanour and respect and his work ethic have earned him a valued place at Ardmore making beautiful dishes, platters and trays. His carefully moulded platters are finding their way with exceptional works to international exhibitions.

Jacob was enthusiastic to join his friends, Petros Gumbi and Thabo Mbele in the sculpting studio. Jacob states that, ‘Dr. Fee accepted my request without having qualifications’ and now, ‘because of Dr. Fee’s patience to me, I have a daily bread and now my household and art is growing from strength to strength.’

Jacob also adds that Ardmore has consoled and healed his soul. He finds that making each piece keeps his mind busy, and even when he is not at work, he is thinking about his art. Jacob says Ardmore has saved his life from poverty and bad influences.

Special message from Jacob to Fée Halsted: “There are some crowns in heaven for the patient people like you (your anger doesn’t mean hateness to our mistakes) keep it utmost to the victory. Life is too short.”



'Animal Botanical'Cellars-Hohenot, Cape Town

'Animal Botanical' Patrick Mavros, London

'Parrots and Pomegranates' Charles Greig, Hyde Park, Johannesburg


'Kalahari Cats'Cellars-Hohenot, Cape Town

'The Great Zambezi'Patrick Mavros, London

'Celebrating The Year Of The Monkey'Charles Greig, Hyde Park, Johannesburg


'The Great Zambezi'Patrick Mavros, London