Elizabeth Ngubeni

Elizabeth, who was born in 1956, left school at the age of twelve to care for her ailing mother and the two younger children in her family.

She married in her teens, had six children and has lived in the KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg all her life. When her husband was left unemployed many years ago she became the breadwinner of her family.

Elizabeth was introduced to Ardmore and Fée Halsted in 1989. From the outset she found her talent in coiling and handbuilding.

Her work was particularly feminine, and often included flowers as well as animals, birds, butterflies and bugs. Her pieces radiated excellence in the movement and balance of the dishes, tureens, pots and jugs for which she became renowned.

In 2002 she travelled to Kuala Lumpur with an Ardmore exhibition organised by the South African High Commissioner. While there she had the honour of being presented to the Queen of Malaysia.

Her work was also shown at the Christie’s exhibition in London in 2004.



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