Abel Mohloakoana

Abel was born in 1996 November 22nd in Lidgetton, I attended Jabula Combined School where I matriculated in 2017.

Before he came Ardmore, he enrolled in a training course at the Caversham press where he worked under Malcom Christian where he learnt book binding, printing, mono typing and dry point. Malcom encouraged Abel to join Ardmore as he recognised Abel’s talent and he knew he should make his career in art. Abel joined Ardmore in  July 2018 and went straight to the design studio where he began drawing and painting motifs for the “Sabi collection” under Catherine Barning’s mentorship as well as doing ceramic painting,

“Ardmore has made it possible for me to study part time and earn a good earn for that I am grateful thank you Fee”.

Fee is delighted to have Abel as part of the Ardmore team as his ability to draw and paint is executed with love and sensitivity.


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Cellars-HohenortCape Town

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