Pascoe Gallery

Pascoe Gallery is owned by Pascoe & Company of Florida and presents selling exhibitions of ceramic art, antiques and collectibles. The gallery is located in the trendy art and design district of North Miami on 125 th Street. Visitors to the Pascoe Gallery can choose from the biggest selection of Ardmore ceramic art in the United States, along with pottery and porcelain from British companies such as Royal Doulton. The Ardmore exhibit changes all year round and new shipments arrive every few months from South Africa. New acquisitions are uploaded regularly to our virtual gallery for collectors to shop online.

Ed Pascoe started his business in 1969 following a trip to England where he discovered Wedgwood ware. He opened his first antiques shop in Philadelphia and this was followed a few years later with a shop in Manhattan selling Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Moorcroft and other styles of British art pottery. In 1987, he moved to Miami where he operates Pascoe & Company’s catalog, mail-order and web business for collectors world-wide. An annual Florida Show has been promoted by Pascoe & Company for the last 25 years as well as collectors’ events all over the USA and South Africa.

Ed Pascoe is an innovator, constantly looking for new ceramic art to introduce to collectors. During an event in South Africa in 2008, he was intrigued by a display of Ardmore ceramic art and learned about Wonderboy’s work, which had been achieving record prices at auction in South Africa and England. He bought a selection to show to his American collectors, convinced that they would appreciate the ethnic African style, original creativity and craftsmanship.

The following year Ed went to see the Ardmore Studio in Kwazulu-Natal and met the founder Fée Halsted. A firm friendship has developed over the years and Pascoe & Company has become one of Ardmore’s greatest supporters. Ed visits the studio two or three times a year to commission new exhibition pieces and Fée Halsted has become a regular guest at the annual Florida show hosted by Pascoe & Company.

Los Angeles

Poverty Not

Poverty Not was designed to create a global market for products made by artisans in developing countries. By purchasing our products you are supporting sustainable projects that lift women and children out of abject poverty.

New York

Creel and Gow

Creel and Gow is incorporating and adding to the collection of Ruzzetti and Gow and has an extensive range of fascinating and exquisite objects sourced from all around the world by Paris based Jamie Creel and former Sotheby’s expert Christopher Gow, both avid collectors. It is the perfect resource to embellish one’s life with originality or find that unique gift for discerning individuals. Rare minerals, taxidermy, coral, silver shells, unusual decorative objects and exotic accessories fill this veritable cabinet of curiosities.

St. Louis

Hot in the Kitchen

In 2009, three partners came together in Saint Louis, Missouri with a dream to meld great people with strong ideas. At Hot in the Kitchen, they believe in the power of thinking big, without having to act big. They bring together amazing talent,specially chosen to fit each and every project.

San Francisco

Sue Fisher King

Visit our store and be bathed in rich textures and colors and surrounded by the finest in home furnishings. Explore—and be dazzled by carefully displayed gems and the warm charm of Sue Fisher King and her friendly and experienced sales staff.

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