Los Angeles

Poverty Not

Poverty Not was designed to create a global market for products made by artisans in developing countries. By purchasing our products you are supporting sustainable projects that lift women and children out of abject poverty.


Pascoe and Company

From Royal Doulton figurines to Ardmore Ceramic Art from South Africa, you will find collectibles in many shapes and sizes and age. As they grace your home with beauty and sophistication, they also increase in value with the passage of time just sitting in your display case. At Pascoe and Company, we specialize in providing the best collectibles in the world to our customers.

New York

Creel and Gow

Creel and Gow is incorporating and adding to the collection of Ruzzetti and Gow and has an extensive range of fascinating and exquisite objects sourced from all around the world by Paris based Jamie Creel and former Sotheby’s expert Christopher Gow, both avid collectors. It is the perfect resource to embellish one’s life with originality or find that unique gift for discerning individuals. Rare minerals, taxidermy, coral, silver shells, unusual decorative objects and exotic accessories fill this veritable cabinet of curiosities.

St Loius

Hot in the Kitchen

In 2009, three partners came together in Saint Louis, Missouri with a dream to meld great people with strong ideas. At Hot in the Kitchen, they believe in the power of thinking big, without having to act big. They bring together amazing talent,specially chosen to fit each and every project.