The Wunderkammer

We are Ueli Signer and Florian Seyd and together we are The Wunderkammer. Our work as florists and decorators is driven by our passion for nature. We see ourselves more as gallery owners and nature as our artist. We try to present her products; flora, minerals and fauna in a way that surprises all. We want to show the best of nature in everything we do.


Anke Bergsma

Anke and Wiebren Bergsma are a young couple from the Netherlands. After living, working, and starting a family in Cape Town, South Africa, they realised something: South African design is unlike anything the stereotypes would have you believe. It has a unique flair, and is equally rich in aesthetics and craftsmanship. So, they decided to return to Europe, and bring with them a curated selection of furniture, art, and decor they fell in love with. This was how Nuweland was born; the connection between South African design and a European audience.