British Columbia

The 1820 Trading Company

It is also about respect for people and loving this planet. It all started with granddad back in 1820 (hence our name) who journeyed into the wilderness. Granddad was always getting lost! From him, we learned to appreciate the value of asking directions and the beauty of natural materials such as wood, leather, paper, ceramics, cotton and metal from which all our products are made.

Each item is either one-of-a-kind or made in limited quantities so you can be sure your hard-to-buy-for special someone doesn’t have one. We personally select every item for its quality, beauty, functionality and “oh wow” factor. This means when we love an item we say “oh wow”.We partner with companies who have ethical values at heart.

They are cooperatives or small factories that, through their hiring practices, are hope for people with mental illness, HIV, or just struggling to raise children as single parents. It’s not surprising that these companies have won awards for their humanitarian efforts.But in the end, we’re all about the fun. We started this business to bring joy to people.