Turtle Teapot

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    • Sbusiso Mbatha
    • Sbusiso Mbatha

      Sbu Mbatha was born on the 23th of August 1995 in Swayimane, Pietermaritzburg. He attended Jabula High School, and after school came straight to Ardmore, where resident artist, Siyabonga Mbaso, encouraged him to join the Winter School programme in June 2016. Sbu learned many different things at the ... read more

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    • Allan Ndlovu
    • Allan Ndlovu

      Allan was born on the 5th of January 2005 in Northdale Hospital, Pietermaritzburg. He attended Eastwood School, but left due to an unsettled life at his family home and started working at a carwash. He came to Howick in 2010 to visit an aunt, which is when ... read more

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