Monkey Bicyle Vessel

  • SH63FEB

Qiniso Mungwe chose the bicycle to illustrate 'Voyages of Discovery' 2018 Collection. Bicycles are popular modes of transport in Africa. Qiniso and painter Sthabiso Hadebe have created an extraordinary work of art. The monkeys in pith helmets symbolize discovery at the colonization of the dark continent.

Height: 44cm / Width: 22cm / Depth/Length: 61cm

    • Qiniso Mungwe
    • Qiniso Mungwe
      - Sculptor

      Qiniso was born in December 1990 at Mpophomeni near Howick, and joined Ardmore in November 2010 as a sculptor. He says: “I like playing with clay, making different designs, especially trays, platters and square bowls. I like to create any animals that fit with the particular ... read more

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    • Sthabiso Hadebe
    • Sthabiso Hadebe
      - Painter

      Sthabiso was born in 1986 at Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal. After finishing school, he found work as a gardener. His neighbours in the area, Ardmore sculptors, Petros Gumbi and Sabelo Khoza, introduced him to Ardmore Ceramic Art. He started working in the Ardmore sculpture studio in 2008, but, after ... read more

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