Just So Elephant Urns SOLD

Sculptor, Qiniso Mungwe, and painter, Sthabiso Hadebe, have added their signature styles to these magnificent urns. They celebrate Qiniso’s writhing rhythms between crocodile and elephant. Qiniso is famous for his triumphant lidded tureens and urns, which remind us of Ancient Egyptian sculpture and painted motifs. On each lid, he has sculpted two elephants that rise up from the menacing crocodile, and form an elegant, symmetrical ‘ode’ to these proud urns.

Painter, Sthabiso, has skilfully balanced the contrast between white, sculpted form and intense design, pattern and colour. His surface pattern is full of jungle plants, delicious monster leaves and luscious palms. Sthabiso has also echoed a slithering, python snake design with the flowing forms of the sculpted crocodile tails and elephant trunks. To enhance the detailed painted pattern, these urns have been glazed lightly, which has created a very sophisticated ‘stone’ texture effect.

The sculpted crocodile and elephants, and the luminous green colors remind us of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So’ story, ’The Elephant’s Child’ about how the elephant got it’s trunk on the banks of the ‘great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees…’

    • Qiniso Mungwe
    • Qiniso Mungwe
      - Sculptor

      Qiniso was born in December 1990 at Mpophomeni near Howick, and joined Ardmore in November 2010 as a sculptor. He says: “I like playing with clay, making different designs, especially trays, platters and square bowls. I like to create any animals that fit with the particular ... read more

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    • Sthabiso Hadebe
    • Sthabiso Hadebe
      - Painter

      Sthabiso was born in 1986 at Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal. After finishing school, he found work as a gardener. His neighbours in the area, Ardmore sculptors, Petros Gumbi and Sabelo Khoza, introduced him to Ardmore Ceramic Art. He started working in the Ardmore sculpture studio in 2008, but, after ... read more

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