Ardmore Chariot

  • SH43NOV

Ardmore Chariot Sotho artist Tebogo Ndlovu allowed his imagination to run wild when he was briefed about the Voyages Of Discovery Collection. His love for horses, journeys rickshaws as well as the story of the Hermès scarves and Ardmore travelling around the world have all come together in this fanciful chariot work that celebrates victory. Having arrived from Lesotho as a poor man, Tebogo has become one of Ardmore’s top sculptors and this imaginative work is filled with passion and pride. Sthabiso Hadebe painted this chariot driven by a hermes Monkey with leopards in tow. Both artists have clearly enjoyed this fun and creative journey.

Height: 39cm / Width: 28cm / Depth/Length: 60cm

    • Teboho Ndlovu
    • Teboho Ndlovu
      - Sculptor

      Teboho was born on the 19th of December 1989 in Lesotho. He grew up in the Mokhotlong district and attended school at Sekonyela High. He is married with two children. After his mother died, he left school to find work in KwaZulu-Natal and soon heard about ... read more

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    • Sthabiso Hadebe
    • Sthabiso Hadebe
      - Painter

      Sthabiso was born in 1986 at Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal. After finishing school, he found work as a gardener. His neighbours in the area, Ardmore sculptors, Petros Gumbi and Sabelo Khoza, introduced him to Ardmore Ceramic Art. He started working in the Ardmore sculpture studio in 2008, but, after ... read more

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