Elephant Vase ‘Voyages of Discovery’ Collection 2018

  • JN28SEP

Elephant Vase Somandla Ntshalintshali’s triumphant hand-coiled elephant vessel has been exquisitely embellished by Jabu Nene. Both artists have excelled in form and design in this tribute to Ardmore matriarch Fee Halsted. However, coupled with its intricacy and incredible detail, the artwork has a wonderful serenity - perhaps because of its symmetry - that echos the wise matriarchs it was inspired by. Fit to march into any museum, it is a celebration of its craft.

Height: 54cm / Width: 44cm / Depth/Length: 71cm

    • Somandla Ntshalintshali
    • Somandla Ntshalintshali
      - Sculptor

      Somandla Ntshalintshali was born on 13 September 1980 at Ardmore Farm in the Champagne Valley, KwaZulu-Natal, where he attended Mountain View Primary School. Somandla was working as a gardener at Ardmore when Moses Nqubuka offered him the opportunity to sculpt in the studio. He leaped at ... read more

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    • Jabu Nene
    • Jabu Nene
      - Painter

      Jabu Nene discovered her passion for art while at school. In 1991, when she was 15 years old, she was introduced to the colourful world of Ardmore Ceramic Art and its founder Fée Halsted. Her mentor was the renowned Ardmore painter, Punch Shabalala, who guided her ... read more

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