Butterfly Bowl_

  • MK19SEP

Somandla Ntshalintshali’s hand-coiled butterfly vase forms part of our 'Voyages of Discovery' collection as our theme for 2018 celebrates Fee's 60th birthday year. Ardmore artists have likened their inspirational mentor to the creatures that pollinate and create new life. Mickey Chonco has painted it with beautiful, intricate butterfly patterns.

Height: 33cm / Width: 21cm / Depth/Length: 59cm

    • Somandla Ntshalintshali
    • Somandla Ntshalintshali
      - Sculptor

      Somandla Ntshalintshali was born on 13 September 1980 at Ardmore Farm in the Champagne Valley, KwaZulu-Natal, where he attended Mountain View Primary School. Somandla was working as a gardener at Ardmore when Moses Nqubuka offered him the opportunity to sculpt in the studio. He leaped at ... read more

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    • Mickey Chonco
    • Mickey Chonco
      - Painter

      Mickey Chonco’s smiling face and charming manner signal a cherished and joyous childhood during which he excelled both at school and on the sportfield. He was born in 1974 and, after he matriculated, Mickey spent four years employed at a garage and a retail store before ... read more

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