Baboon Sentinel Urn

  • No. 16

Master thrower, Lovemore Sithole, has thrown this monumental classical vessel on his wheel. Qiniso Mungwe has sculpted a sentinel baboon on the lid holding a rich red Neptune-like trident.This baboon and its stylised mane reminds us of the Egyptian god Thoth. The urn is simple and uncomplicated, which is a change as most Ardmore works are sculpturally clad with animals and plants in baroque abundance. The painter has been given a huge surface to show off her skill and has been celebrated here more than the sculptor. On the sides of the vessel, Zinhle Nene has painted large baboons, fornicating amongst coral tree flowers; their curly seeds pods bursting forth with lucky beans that symbolise energy and life force. Zinhle's baboons are drawn cut out flat shapes that she has filled with patterns and designs. Her colours are rich reds, oranges, blacks, greys and greens. With this work, Ardmore’s painter and claymakers have created their own wonderful blend of Egyptian, Greek, Roman classical imagery.

Height: 120cm / Width: 48cm / Depth/Length: 48cm

    • Lovemore Sithole
    • Lovemore Sithole
      - Thrower

      Lovemore Sithole was born in 1962 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. His early schooling was interrupted when he joined recruits to train as a freedom fighter during the Zimbabwean War of Independence. After the war, in 1982, he returned to Bulawayo and joined the Mzilikazi Arts and Craft ... read more

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    • Zinhle Nene
    • Zinhle Nene
      - Painter

      Zinhle is an attractive, modern, very together, young woman. She followed her talented older sister, Jabu Nene, to Ardmore and, since then, has developed into a brilliant painter – but her ambition does not end there. In 2005 she completed two years of study at business school ... read more

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