Slindile Mchunu

Slindiwe was born on the 20th of June 1992. She attended Mountain View Primary School, Meadowsweet Combined School, Hlabane High School and Innovatus FET College.

Slindiwe came to Ardmore on the 15th of April, 2015. Her mother, Winnie Nene was a painter at Ardmore in the Champagne Valley up until her husband died.

After college and unable to find employment, Slindiwe was encouraged by her aunts, Jabu and Zinhle Nene (both top painters at Ardmore) to come to Ardmore in 2015.

She attended Ardmore’s first Winter School in June/July 2015 and has continued painting under the mentorship of her aunts.

Slindiwe says that she chose to come to Ardmore at a particularly difficult stage in her family’s life, ‘to put bread on the table’. Slindiwe and her older sister are now supporting their family.

Slindiwe likes that hard work is rewarded at Ardmore and that she can keep her mind busy. Her goal is to keep on improving her painting and to be accomplished like her aunts, Jabu and Zinhle.





'Parrots and Pomegranates'Hyde Park


‘Kalahari Cats’Cellars-Hohenot, Cape Town

‘The Great Zambezi’Patrick Mavros, London

'Celebrating the Year of the Monkey'Charles Greig, Hyde Park, Johannesburg


'The Great Zambezi'Cellars-Hohenot, Cape Town