Mtengeni Ntshalintshali

Mthengeni was born near Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, in 1977.

His father passed away when he was very young and he was forced to drop out of high school after just one year as his mother could not afford to pay for his education.

He found work at a nearby farm and when his employer realised that he had artistic talent, she contacted Fée Halsted, founder of Ardmore. Mthengeni joined the Ardmore painters in 2000.

Says Fée: “He is a talented colourist with a personal palette choice. He mixes white into most of his colours to create a soft blend of berry pink, greys and ochres. He is a unique individual here at Ardmore.”

Mthengeni designs and fills his patterns with intricate webs of colour and subtle details. His drawing is stylised.

His work has been exhibited at almost all of Ardmore’s exhibitions, both locally and abroad. This quiet, self-taught artist has a relaxed attitude and enjoys every opportunity to express his feelings through his work.

The father of seven children, he has been raising them alone since his wife passed away in 2010.

Mtengeni is working as an independent artist.



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