Mickey Chonco

Mickey’s smiling face and charming manner signal a cherished and joyous childhood during which he excelled both at school and on the sportfield.

He was born in 1974 and, after he matriculated, Mickey spent four years employed at a garage and a retail store before his sister, who managed the Springvale Gallery in the Champagne Valley, introduced him to Fée Halsted and Ardmore in 2000.

Although he had played with clay from the age of eight, Mickey’s passion is drawing and painting. With his extraordinary sensitivity for colour, which he uses softly, yet distinctly, his pieces are instantly recognisable.

One could describe his work as the result of an inner peace. No matter what colours he blends together in his flowers, birds and animals, the result delivers the both harmony and elegance.

While Ardmore is his future, Mickey has many other interests – a degree in computers is just one item on his agenda.

Mickey participated in an exhibition of Ardmore ceramics held in Edinburgh, Scotland, in January 2004 and his work was well represented at Christie’s in London at that time.

In 2012, after six years at the Ardmore studio in the Caversham Valley and five years at Springvale Farm, Mickey left his Ardmore family as he had found a new position in Howick, where he lived.

In the latter part of 2014, however, Mickey, missing his creativity and wanting to earn extra income, rejoined Ardmore Ceramic Art on a freelance basis, collecting bisque and painting it from home.

Ardmore is delighted to have an artist of Mickey’s ability back with the family. It is also a pleasure to see his smile and positive attitude back in the studio!



Korean Biennale (Merit award)



International Ceramic Arts FestivalWales

Hospice ExhibitionJohannesburg

SA Embassy ExhibitionMalaysia


Charles Greig JewellersJohannesburg


Christie’s exhibition,London


Christie’s auctionLondon

City Arts CouncilEdinburgh

‘Men of Ardmore’Johannesburg


Private exhibitionLondon

Christopher GreigJohannesburg


Amaridian GalleryNew York

Private exhibitionLondon

Everard Read GalleryJohannesburg


Christie’s auctionLondon

‘Cats of the World’Johannesburg


Amaridian GalleryNew York

‘Wonderful World of Ardmore’Cape Town


South Africa HouseLondon


Anagama GalleryFrance

Pascoe & CoUnited States

SOFA (Sculpture Objects & Functional Art)United States

‘Travellers of Africa’Johannesburg


‘Ivory and Ebony’Cape Town

‘Clay: The Art of Earth & Fire’United States

Hallwyl MuseumSweden

NAADA (National Antiques & Decorative Arts) FaireJohannesburg

Eboka Spring CollectionPretoria



‘Birds of Africa’Johannesburg

Birds of AfricaZimbabwe

La MotteWestern Cape


WMODA, Pascoe & CoUnited States

‘Animal Botanical’Cellars-Hohenot, Cape Town


‘Kalahari Cats’Cellars-Hohenot, Cape Town

'The Zambezi'Patrick Mavros, London

'Celebrating the Year of the Monkey'Charles Greig, Hyde Park, Johannesburg


'The Great Zambezi'Cellars-Hohenot, Cape Town