George Manyathela

George Manyathela was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, in 1963, and trained at Mzilikazi Craft Centre.

In 1986 after finishing his training, he began mass-producing pottery items. From there he moved to Harare, where he worked at Simba Pottery and latter at Terracotta Pots.

He came to South Africa in 2002, and worked at Intu Art until March 2012, when he started at Ardmore as a thrower.

He says: “I can make any design or shape and style. I like my work and enjoy what I am doing. I love everything that the Ardmore artists create as it has a message, especially the sculpting and painting. Combined with my throwing skills it creates very good team work. I am learning a lot about contemporary art and am now also able to make pieces with a message because of the knowledge I have from Ardmore.”

Says Fée Halsted: “George is a jovial character who is slowly enjoying a taste for sculpture and his smile is getting wider with his new-found personal achievement. He is now working as an artist, adding flair and finesse to his forms.”

George is also the key figure in the production of Ardmore’s Design Collection of dinner services and functional pieces, especially his jewel boxes and he has become a valued Ardmore team member.



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